Ferrari 488 Pista - Performance Box


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Capristo Ferrari 488 Pista - Performance Box

***Does NOT work with the 488 GTB or GTS***

488 Pista Performance Box Dyno Results

With the installation of the Capristo 488 Performance Box on our factory Capristo Sports Cat/Test Pipe/Exhaust equipped Pista we saw impressive gains.  The Performance Box raised engine power by 74HP (from  713.9HP/723.8 PS to 788.4HP/799.3PS) and the torque by 67.7lb-ft (from 537.3lb-ft / 728.4Nm to 605 lb-ft / 820.3NM) on Capristo components.

The 488 performance box for the Ferrari 488 Pista is a true "plug and play" power upgrade, that can be easily removed as no soldering is required. The module is a painted, die-cast aluminum housing with cables to manipulate the charge air sensors and manifold air pressure sensor (Engine Speed is monitored via the OEM Camshaft sensor).

For the most powerful car in the Ferrari 488 series, Capristo has developed an exclusive performance box for the Pista. With this box it is possible in combination with our exhaust system to release unused power reserves.

With this performance box you can reach up to 800 hp instead of 720 hp with your Ferrari 488 Pista.


We expressly point out that this system is without German approval and is designed for off-road / track use. The operation of this system on public roads is not permitted in Germany and partly also in other countries. Please be sure to observe the legal regulations in the respective country.

Ferrari 488 GTB/S Performance Box Installation Manual