E2E Exhaust Remote Kit B (for Electric Valves)


  • Brand: Capristo
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Capristo E2E Exhaust Remote Kit B (for Electric Valves)

Capristo presents the E2E (Electronic to Electronic) Remote Kit for OEM Electronic Valves.  The E2E is a "piggyback" mechanism that ties into the OEM wiring harness for manually opening the exhaust flaps on cars equipped with Electric Valves from their respective manufacturer.  Various Kits are offered with different wiring harnesses to fit the respective car harness and programming.

Remote Kit B fits:

  • BMW M3 G80 / M4 G82
  • BMW X3M G01, F97B
  • BMW X5M (G05) / X6M (G06)
  • All other BMW Models fitted with Electronic Valves

Capristo E2E Remote Kit Fitment Sheet