Valvetronic Chevy Corvette C8 Z06 Valved Sport Exhaust System


  • Brand: Valvetronic Designs
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We Americans have definitely gone European after this one. The flat plane crank Corvette C8 Z06 is a staple of how sophisticated the American automotive engineering market can be. Out of the box this car really does sound like Ferrari 458, but lacks the rawness and the overall drama of its Italian counterpart. This is where Valvetronic Designs can help. Our valved sport exhaust package helps bring the volume and rawness back up to more engaging levels and turn the Z06 into the true beast that's lurking underneath.


Comprised of T304 stainless steel or our signature titanium, this exhaust system runs unrestricted out of the exhaust tips when the valves are open for that full, exotic experience. With the valves closed the exhaust is diverted through the side mufflers in order to lower sound levels and keep those neighbors happy.


A free-flow configuration is available for the vehicle for those who want to crank up the volume to 11. This is not a system for the faint of heart.


Original C8 NPP valve modules will need to be purchased as well as 2 extension harness inorder to reuse OEM valves