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BMW M550xi (2020) DME Tune


Tuning Stage
ECU Unlock
  • Brand: 412 Motorsport
  • Availability: In Stock

Experience Unmatched Power Gains:

    Factory: 523HP / 553 lb-ft
    DME Stage 1 Tune: 680HP / 626 lb-ft | +157HP / +73 lb-ft (30.0% / 13.2%)
    DME Stage 2 Tune: 700.0HP / 650.0 lb-ft | +177.0HP / +97.0 lb-ft (33.8% / 17.5%)

Simply plug in & upgrade your ECU

Our OBD tunes and My Genius handheld make power boosts a plug-and-play affair. Only a Windows 7+ PC is needed to swap files - everything else, from the handheld to instructions, is in the box!is in the box!

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Unlock

All BMW vehicles after June 2020 require ECU unlock. Simply send us your ECU, and our experts will carefully unlock its capabilities. This comprehensive service is included in the price and typically requires 2-3 weeks to complete.

Choose Your Tune:

  • Stage 1: Perfect for stock vehicles.
  • Stage 2: Crafted for vehicles with upgraded downpipes.

Excellence with DME Tuning:

We've teamed up with DME Tuning to offer the pinnacle of tuning technology, ensuring each tune is precision-calibrated for peak safety and performance.

Switch Back Anytime:

DME ensures your original ECU settings are saved, allowing you to revert anytime.

Additional Features:

- Extend or add burble
- Adjust the tune for your octane rating
- Top speed limiter removal (If applicable)
- Check engine light removal for downpipes (Stage 2 & For off-road use only)

** Note: All tunes are for race purposes only