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BMW M3 (2021-2023) DME Tune




Tuning Stage
  • Brand: 412 Motorsport
  • Availability: In Stock

Experience Unmatched Power Gains:

    Factory: 480HP / 405 lb-ft
    DME Stage 1 Tune: 620HP / 500 lb-ft | +140HP / +95 lb-ft (29.2% / 23.5%)
    DME Stage 2 Tune: 640.0HP / 520.0 lb-ft | +160.0HP / +115.0 lb-ft (33.3% / 28.4%)

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Unlock

Simply send us your ECU, and our experts will carefully unlock its capabilities. This comprehensive service is included in the price and typically requires 2-3 weeks to complete.

Choose Your Tune:

  • Stage 1: Perfect for stock vehicles.
  • Stage 2: Crafted for vehicles with upgraded downpipes.

Excellence with DME Tuning:

We've teamed up with DME Tuning to offer the pinnacle of tuning technology, ensuring each tune is precision-calibrated for peak safety and performance.

Switch Back Anytime:

DME ensures your original ECU settings are saved, allowing you to revert anytime.

Additional Features:

- Extend or add burble
- Adjust the tune for your octane rating
- Top speed limiter removal (If applicable)
- Check engine light removal for downpipes (Stage 2 & For off-road use only)

** Note: All tunes are for race purposes only