Audi R8 (Gen2) Facelift - OPF Spare Pipes - ONLY for EU Market OPF Cars


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Capristo Audi R8 (Gen2) Facelift - OPF Spare Pipes - ONLY for EU Market OPF Cars

The new R8 now includes OPF (Otto Particle Filters) after the cats.  OPF Spare Pipes (delete) are available here (will require a tune for CEL removal).

These lightweight test pipes fit in place of the heavy OPF Filters on the new R8 (2020+). Using test pipes removes the flow restriction a the filters places on an exhaust system, while increasing the horsepower.  The silencing effect of the filters are also removed, enhancing the aggressive engine sound. Test pipes are ideal for track days and race application.

On applicable models, the center section is made flexible as an added protection feature against vibration damage to the header pipes and the Lambda or Oxygen Sensor Bungs are pre-installed and threaded.

OPF Test pipes may trigger a CEL (Check Engine Light).

To disable a recurring CEL you will need to tune the ECU 

CAPRISTO Exhaust systems are engineered and manufactured utilizing advanced 3D Laser-Scanning, CAD Design, Digital prototyping, and CNC-bending/milling at our factory in Germany. Each system is made of high-grade T309 (1.4828) Stainless Steel and hand polished to a mirror finish. After extensive research, this specific alloy was chosen for its sonic resonance properties, low weight, and durability which are close to the properties of Inconel (used in F1).


The exhaust system is designed to be installed directly into existing OEM mounting points.

*Recommended For Off-Road and Track Use Only*

Video shows Capristo Valved Exhaust WITH OPF Spare Pipes

[video width="848" height="480" mp4=""][/video]