BMW X5 M (2010-2013) 412 Tune

BMW X5 M (2010-2013) 412 Tune

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We are excited to release our own custom tune for the BMW X5 M. Our stage 1 tune takes your stock 555HP and 502 lb-ft of torque to 610HP and 590 lb-ft, while our stage 2 tune will net 640HP and 620 lb-ft.


STOCK: 555HP/502 lb-ft

412 STAGE 1 TUNE:  610HP/590 lb-ft

412 STAGE 2 TUNE:  640HP/620 lb-ft

To schedule an appointment to have your BMW X5 M tuned, contact us through our email at, send us a direct message on our Instagram (@412motorsport), or give us a call at 626-727-2062.


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